Massacre Fields

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  • 65 Milk Street, Blackstone, MA
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  • 2014


Mystery Blaze Claims Local Family

Have you ever heard the tale of Mass Acre Farm? According to local legend, Mass Acres Farm, one of New England’s most bountiful farms in the 1930’s, was owned by the Welker Family. Something always seemed strange about the Welker’s and when people started going missing in town, the local police department went looking around the farm for anything suspicious. In the corn field the police discovered the grisly remains of 8 victims all lined up as scarecrows on posts with the crows pecking away at their remains.

When the news spread through the township, the townspeople took justice into their own hands. On October 31st, 1935, they burned the entire farm to the ground with the Welker Family being caught in the blaze.

For the next fifteen years, the land lay barren until it was purchased by the Wojcik Family in 1950. Looking to move past the legends that surrounded the plot of land, the Wojcik’s renamed the farm to “Wojcik’s Farm”, tilled the fields, and replanted the corn.

Every year on October 31st, local children enter the cornfields as a dare or prank or just to see if the legend has any truth to it. The lucky ones who return tell of sightings of deformed monstrosities with horribly burned skin dripping from their bodies roaming through the corn. They say that the folks seen are the Welker family hunting victims down and stealing back what was taken from them. The Welkers are after their victims’ skin and when they get their hands on some, they fashion it to their putrid flesh and bone.

Good thing it’s only an urban legend, right?

October 2013


7pm - 10pm

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What is Massacre Fields?
Massacre Fields is an outdoor haunted attraction that takes place within the corn maze at Wojcik’s Farm.  Massacre Fields is not a maze itself, but instead it utilizes portions of the corn maze and the rest is blocked off.
When are you open?
The haunted attraction will be open every Friday and Saturday night in October. The ticket booth at Wojcik's Farm will be open and selling tickets from 7PM – 10PM.
What happens if I’m still in line after you’ve stopped selling tickets?
Although we stop selling tickets at 10PM, anyone who is in line to go into the attraction will still be able to do so as long as they have a ticket.
How much does it cost and do you accept debit/credit cards?
The price is $13 per ticket. We are cash only at this time.
How should I dress for Massacre Fields?
Massacre Fields is an outdoor, “all-weather” event. You should dress for New England in October. The temperatures can vary anywhere between 35 and 70 degrees. Be prepared for any kind of weather—fog, rain, sleet, or even snow. Good walking shoes are a must—it’s a lengthy walk on unpaved, uneven, and often muddy ground.  We do not take responsibility for muddy or even ruined clothing and/or shoes.
Are you open if it’s raining, snowing, etc.?
If it’s a light rain, we will try our best to stay open, but the corn field can get rather muddy and borderline unsafe so we may close down for your safety.  Your best bet is to check the website if you’re unsure if we are open.  We will post a message on the main page if we intend to close for the night.
Will it be too scary for my child?
This event is designed to be very intense and frightening. Some children can handle it with no problem, many cannot. Parents know their kids best and should use common sense when deciding whether or not to bring them. It can be a very traumatic experience for youngsters.